An ongoing project to record and preserve the history of Kingstonian FC

If you have any programmes on this list that you are willing to sell, please contact me Even if you are not willing to sell then I may still be interested in a scans for the archives. Please check the Programmes section to see what games I do not have a scanned programme for.
99/00 Whitstable (A) FR, Tiverton (a) FR, Harrow (a) FR
98/99 Orient (h) FR, Basingstoke (h) FR
97/98 Brentford (h) FR- March not Jan), Farnborough (h) FR
96/97 Bognor (a) Fr, C Casuals (a) FR
94/95 Bognor (a) Fr
92/93 Farnborough (h) FR
91/92 Bashley (a) FR, Harefield (a) FR
90/91 Wimbledon (h) Fr
89/90 Walton (a) Fr, Epsom (a) Fr
88/89 AFC Totton (a) Fr, Worhting (a) FR, Feltham (a) FR, Hampton (a) Fr
86/87 Feltham (a) FR, AFC Totton (a) FR
85/86 Harefield (a) FR, Tonbridge (a) Fr
84/85 Harefield (a) Fr, Basildon (a)
83/84 Carshalton (h) FR, Cheshunt (a), Clapton (a), Wembley (a)
82/83 Walton (h) FR,
81/82 Chesham (a), Ware (a), Abingdon (h) FR, Tooting (h) Fr, Steyning (a), Malden vale (a)
80/81 Bishops Stortford (a), Tilbury (a), Ware (a), Chessington (a) Fr, Abindgon (a) FR, Addlestone (a) FR, Arundel (a) FAC
80/81 (cont) Wembley (a) LSC
79/80 Herttford (a), Ware (h), Ware (a), Chertsey (a) FR, Croydon (h) FR, East Ham (a) Fr, Wimbledon (h) FR, C Casuals (h) Fr,
79/80 (Cont) Oxford C (h) FR, Slough (h) Fr, Croydon (a) Fr
78/79 Boreham Wood (a), Leytonstone (a), Chessington (a) Fr, Dorking (a) FR, Molesey (a) FR, Wimbledon (h) FR
77/78 Boreham Wood (a), Chesham (a) Fr, Newport IOW (h) FR, Camberley (a) Fr
76/77 Hitchin (a), Farnborough (a) FR
75/76 Luton (h) FR, Chessington (a) FR, Redhill (a) SSC, Sutton (a) SSC, Borough Road (h) FR
74/75 SE Colleges (h) FR, Dulwich (h) LCC
73/74 Hounslow (h) FR, Egham (a) PMFL, Addlestone (a) PMFL, Molesey (a) PMFL, Addlestone (a) PMFL
72/73 Oxford C (a), Maidenhead (a) FR, Staines (h) FR (Aug), Met Police (h) FR, Stowmarket (a) FAC, Redhill (a) PMFL,
72/73 (Cont) Horsham (a) PMFL, Addlestone (a) PMFL
71/72 Bromley (a), St Albans (a), QPR (H) FR, Maidenhead (a) FR, Hayes (a) PMFL, Hampton (a) PMFL, Wembley (a) PMFL,
71/72 (Cont) Hayes (h) PMFL, Southall (h) PMFL
70/71 Clapton (a), Woking (h), Maidstone (a), Dagenham (h) FR, Alton (a) FR, Addlestone (h) FR, Guildford (a) FR, Erith (a) LCC,
70/71 (Cont) Addlestone (a) PMFL, Cray (a) AC, Horsham (a) PMFL, Leatherhead (a) PMFL, TUS Germania (h) FR
69/70 Leytonstone (a), Maidstone (a), Oxford C (h), Windsor (a) FR, Alton (a) Fr, Hounslow (a) FR, Alton (h) Fr, Hampton (a) Fr,
69/70 (Cont) Tooting (h) SSC
68/69 Maidstone (a), Walthamstow (h), Charlton (h) Fr
67/68 C.Casuals (a), Maidstone (a), Maidenhead (a) Fr, QPR (h) Fr, Merton Rishmere (a) SSC
66/67 Leatherhead (a) FR, Hayes (h) PMFL, Hayes (a) PMFL
65/66 Chertsey (a) FR
63/64 C.Casuals (h)
61/62 Sutton (h) Fr, Woking (h) FR, Leyton (h) FR, Bromley (a) LSC
60/61 C.Casuals (a). C. Casuals (h) SOTC
59/60 Walthamstow (a), Histon (a) AC,
57/58 Walthamstow (h), Bungay (a) AC, Sutton (a) SSS, Sutton (h) SSS
56/57 Wimbledon (a), Helston (a) Fr
55/56 Leytonstone (h), Oxford C (a), Wycombe (a), Hertford (a) AC, Kingston & District (h) Fr
54/55 Barking (h), Woking (a), Rainham (h) FR, Thameside (h) AC, Tooting (h) LSC
53/54 Oxford C (a), Wimbledon (a), Woking (h), Wycombe (h), HMS Exclllent (h) FR, Brentford (h) Fr, Cheshunt (a) LSC
52/53 Wycombe (a), HMS Excellent (h) Fr, Carshalton (a) FAC, Barking (a) AC, Walton (h) SC
51/52 C. Casuals (a), Leytonstone (h), Oxford C (h), Wycombe (a), HMS Excellent (h) Fr, Barnet (h) Fr,
51/52 (Cont) HMS Excllent (a) Fr, Surrey SL (h) SC, Eastbourne (a) AFA
50/51 Clapton (h), Oxford C (h), Clapton (a), Leytonstone (a), St Albans (a), Tufnell Park (a), Walthamstow (a), Wycombe (a),
50/51 (Cont) Carshalton (a) FAC, Surrey SL (h) SC, Woodford (a) LSC, Edgware (a) AC,
50/51 (Cont) Surbiton (h) FR, Penzance (a) Fr, Helston (a) Fr, Carhsalton (a) SSC, Cambridge (a) AFA, C Casuals (h) CCC
49/50 C Casuals (h), Dulwich (h), Clapton (a),Tufnell Park (a), Guernsey (a) Fr, Jersey (a) Fr, Tufnell Park (a) LSC
48/49 C Casuals (h), Tufnell Park (h), Wycombe (h), C Casuals (a), Tufnell Park (a), Wimbldeon (a),
48/49 Woking (a) AC, Guildford (a) SCC, Guildford (h) SCC, Wycombe (a), HMS Excellent (h) Fr, Met Police (h) SC
47/48 C Casuals (h), Clapton (h), Ilford (h), Leytonstone (h), Wycombe (h), C Casuals (a), Romford (a), Wimbledon (a),
47/48 (Cont) Jersey (a) Fr, Jersey X1 (a) Fr Guernsey (a) Fr, HMS Excellent (h) FR, Delft (h) Fr, Met Police (h) Fr
46/47 Oxford C (h), C Casuals 9a), Oxford C (a), Romford (a), St Albans (a), Wimbledon (a), Woking (a), Wycombe (a),
46/47 (Cont) Vickers (a) FAC,
45/46 C Casuals (h), Clapton (h), Ilford (h), Leytonstone (h), Oxford C (h), Tomford (h), Tufnell Park (h), Walthamstow (h),
45/46 (Cont) C Casuals (a), Clapton (a), Leytonstone (a), Oxford C (a), Romford (a), St Albans (a), Wimbledon (a), Woking (a),
45/46 (Cont) Erith (h) Fr, Kingston & District (h) Fr, Wimbledon (h) SSC, Wycombe (h) AC, Wycombe (a) AC, Barnet (a) LSC
45/46 (Cont) Wimbledon (h), Guildford (h) Fr, Epsom (h) Fr, Dulwich (h) Fr

Weaving In & Out- Issues 13,19
Cool For K's- Issues 5,6,19,22, 26,27 31, 33,34,35,36 plus any after 38
NHS (Searcher)- Issues 2, 11, 24,25,35

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