An ongoing project to record and preserve the history of Kingstonian FC

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A History of Kingstonian F.C.

A season by season record of the K's from their formation in 1885 including match reports, statistics and related history.

Digital scans of complete programmes for Kingstonian matches. Currently this includes all available home and away programmes up to 1961-1962 season.

Kingston Heritage Service Collection
With help from officers of the club, the Kingston Museum and Local History Centre maintain a collection of Kingstonian FC memorabilia and archiving material including medals, trophies, programmes, photos and other artefacts.

A collection of pictures taken from the history of Kingstonian F.C. This is currently mainly focussed on the social history of the club with pictures of the crowds, the ground and social events as well as a few action photos and major Cup Finals.
Other Memorabilia
Web pages with pictures of other memorabilia including badges and general merchandise. This is very much work in progress and I am looking for anyone who can send digital photos of their collections to build up a better record of K's merchandise over the years.
A list of all known Kingstonian match videos- now all converted to DVD. Please check to see if you can add to the list and I am able to convert any old VHS tapes to DVD if you have any not featured. It is hoped that most of these can be made available to any K's fan who is interested subject to copyright issues.
I am looking for anything that adds to the history of the club. If anyone has old photographs, programmes or other memorabilia that they are willing to sell, donate or lend (so we can scan or photograph the items) please contact me via the HELP PAGE.
The website itself is work in progress. While much of the basic information has already been collected there is an awful lot of work before it is in a format suitable for presenting online. Without help this will be a very slow process. Please check the HELP PAGE to see if there is anything you would be willing to do in order to help get the site completed.
Links for websites connected to Kingstonian FC and other history based football websites.
Copyright is credited where known. Every effort has been made to locate the copyright owners of material on this website where copyright is considered an issue. If you hold copyright to any items that have not been credited please let me know and I can either add credits/reservations to use or remove the items.

While I personally do not have any issue with anyone using any information or material contained in this website which has been self produced or has come from my own collection, please respect copyright where a credit has been noted and do not re-use in any way without permission from the copyright holder. Just because it has come from my personal collection does not mean there isn't an existing copyright in place.

Much of the original material featured on this website is now cared for by Kingston Heritage Service. Copies are supplied courtesy of Kingston Heritage Service and solely for use on this website. Those items are all credited on this site with the exception of the programme scans where it is impossible to reference the source of each programme. I can work out from the scan quality which ones have come from Kingston History Centre so please check with me if you have a specific scan you wish to use elsewhere.

Also many thanks to the Surrey Comet for permission to use any of their reports or articles on this website. The same copyright restrictions apply as per Kingston Heritage service and can only be used elsewhere with the specific permission of the Surrey Comet.

Thank You
Most people have been acknowledged and thanked in the sections that their help was given. However some people's help would not be covered in these sections (or not until the website was much more complete). Special thanks go to John Fenwick for his input and active involvement with the K's archives. This website would probably not have got off the ground without him. Also thanks to Bert Dale (Wimbledon historian), Richard Lambert (who produced the Isthmian League archives) and Ray Ward (SUFC/Surrey FA) who have been a massive help in answering queries and providing information. Ali Kazemi has also been a big help with some web design tips where I was clueless how to solve more than one problem. Thanks also due to Peter Hazell, Allan Dean, Tim Wells, Robert Wooldridge, Taimour Lay and Bob Reed. Also grateful thanks for the help and support of everyone at the Kingston History Centre and to the Surrey Comet for allowing use of their articles. Additionally without the past work of John and Jill Trevor this K's history would be much less complete as they have saved many artefacts and records that would otherwise have been lost.