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Miscellaneous General Merchandise through the ages
This page is work in progress just to get things off the ground. If you have any other digital photos of K's merchandise not shown here that can be added to the page please contact me via the HELP PAGE.
Winners Medal from the West Surrey League 1905-1906 won by Kingston-on-Thames
Medal for the Surrey Intermediate League 1923-1924. K's Reserves won the Eastern Section and then won a Divisional Play Off Final.
FA Trophy Final Flag 1999
FA Trophy Flag 1999

FA trophy Final Flag 2000

Maybe 1970's or 1980's
Maybe 1980's

Pendant from friendly match played in Frankfurt in 1926
Pendant- Maybe 1970's or 1980's
Pendant- maybe 1970's or 1980's.
Centenary Pendant- 1985
Forest Green- FA Trophy Final 1999
Kettering Pendant 2000 FA trophy Final (Signed by Geoff Chapple)
Kettering Pendant 2000 FA trophy Final
Pendant 2018 (Came in two sizes)
K's Mousemat- circa 2000
K's Mousemat- Circa 2010
K's Trust Pen- Aprox 2002
Pen- Approx 2017
Pen- 2018
Pen- 2019
1970's Keyring
K's Trust Keyring- Approx 2002
Keyring- Approx 2017
Plaque for badge collectors badge of the year 1985
Cushion- perhaps 1970's or 1980's
Silken Tea Cloth- maybe 1970's or 1980's
Kettering FA Trophy Final Air Freshener 2000
Commemorative Jigsaw for Kettering FA Trophy Final Win 2000.
K's Van- probably Circa 2000
K's Truck- probably circa 2000
Water Bottle- Approx- 2017
Supporters Club Car grill badge- unknown date (720x720mm)
Sweet Tin (2019)
Face Mask (2020)
Thanks to Les Easterbrook for many of these photos.
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